Statement of Faith

ELT is a Christian home schooling group which exists to provide information, encouragement, direction, and fellowship to families responding in faith and obedience to God’s call to school at home. ELT intends that all of its activities and communications will be consistently Christian, and earnestly seeks to bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ as a group and as families preparing their children to be workers in the Kingdom.

  • WE BELIEVE the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, His completed and final revelation to man, and inerrant in the original autographs.
  • WE BELIEVE God has existed eternally as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that Jesus Christ was God come in human flesh – fully god, fully man, and without sin.
  • WE BELIEVE all have – by nature and act – fallen short of God’s righteous and holy requirements.
  • WE BELIEVE Jesus paid the penalty for our sins by His substitution and sacrificial death on the cross, that He conquered sin and death, rising bodily from the dead, to live forever.
  • WE BELIEVE salvation is a free gift received by the individual’s response in faith to the Gospel; that forgiveness of sins, adoption into God’s family, and regeneration and cleansing of the heart are not earned by works, but are received by faith.